Scotch whiskey, Single malt, Lemon juice, Honey syrup, Ginger
Caramel espresso martini 16chf
Caramel Vodka, esspresso , Kahlua
Candy apple16chf
Salted Caramel Vodka,Lime,Apple juice
Spicy Tuesday16chf
Tequila, Brown sugar syrup, Lime, Tabasco
Fiji Island16chf
Fiji rum, lime, strawberries, cane sugar
The Spirit of the Caribbean16chf
Plantation Pineapple Stiggins Rum, Plantation 3* rum, Lime, Banana liqueur, Orgeat syrup, Egg white
Tickled pink 16chf
Plantation 3*rum, Lime juice, Simple syrup, Cream de cacao, Raspberries, Soda
Old Fashioned16chf
Rum & Choco16chf
Dark rum, Cream de cacao, Lime juice, Simple syrup, Orange juice, Egg white
Dream of Barbados 16chf
Spiced rum, pineapple juice, ginger juice, lime, angostura, ginger ale
Whiskey sour 16chf
Dark & Stormy16chf
Dark rum, lime, ginger beer
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